Upcoming masterclasses

We’re still working on new workshops for later this year, we’ll update this website when new ones are announced. If you want to be notified, you should follow us on twitter @frozenrockets or sign up for our newslettter.

”Participated in an excellent inclusive design workshop. Gained design skills that stuck with me, and learned together with a fun group of people. A day well spent!”

About Frozen Rockets Academy

We’re a studio for inclusive design based in beautiful The Hague, right on the coast in the Netherlands. We value accessibility and inclusive design and we want to provide everyone with the proper tools and skills to design more inclusively. To achieve that goal, we organise workshops about accessibility and human-centered, inclusive and ethical design.

Past workshops

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Irene Frijns

If you have any questions about our workshops, feel free to contact us.

Mail academy@frozenrockets.nl